Yankton High School

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Welcome to Yankton High School!

Mission & Belief Statements

 Yankton School District Mission Statement:


The Mission Statement of the Yankton School District is to

 optimize student potential for success in a global society.

Belief Statements


Education is a partnership among the community, parents, students and school personnel; high standards are essential for this partnership to be successful.


The school system provides a safe educational environment, which encourages physical, emotional, and academic growth in a culturally diverse society.



Learning is enhanced by a positive and supportive atmosphere, which encourages creativity, builds self-esteem, and recognizes students’ success.


Learning requires recognition of each student’s instructional style and the use of effective methods, which make learning interesting and individualized.


Ethical values, including an appreciation of diversity, integrity, compassion, courage, commitment, and responsibility, are integral to the learning process.


With proper guidance, students are capable of making informed choices and are responsible for their actions.


Education must support life-long learning by teaching students to access and apply information for success in a global society.